Jumpsuits Are Making A Comeback!

If you’re a fan of watching fashion shows and indulge in the various fashion weeks, you may have noticed an old-school favorite making a comeback: the jumpsuit. While many dread this style becoming popular again, fashionistas all over can’t wait to see how designers have reinterpreted the jumpsuit and its future in fashion.

You may not have been able to pull off the jumpsuit back in the day or maybe you were born after this fashion item was long gone and forgotten but this year is seeing a new rise in the jumpsuit trend and it may be one that you’ll be interested in being a part of. These days, designers are choosing comfortable, favorable materials such as silk and other fabrics that drape itself over the body. The idea behind this approach to the jumpsuit is to sport an attitude of retro-cool. The latest styles can either be belted to draw attention to your waistline or left as is.

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Jumpsuits are ideal for creating the illusion of length. The latest styles showcase creative necklines, bare shoulders or bare backs, which draws the eye upwards and adds to the illusion of added height. Jumpsuits are known for combining both the comfort of wearing pants, with the ease and simplicity of wearing a dress. This fashion trend is truly about having the best of both worlds. You can now find jumpsuits that allow you to keep things simple or dress up. For those seeking the latter, you can now indulge in donning a tailored jumpsuit, complete with satin lapels, cummerbund-like sashes, and even double-breasted closures.

To pull off this formal jumpsuit look, opt for a darker color, such as black or navy. For regular jumpsuits, keep everything simple. Accessorize your jumpsuit with sculptural jewelry, a clutch purse, and pumps or strappy sandals. You can also decide how fancy or how dressed down you want to be by what fabric the jumpsuit is made of. Regardless of what type of jumpsuit you choose, make sure to keep your hair and makeup under control. Just because your jumpsuit is a throwback to a different decade, that doesn’t mean your hair and face need to match, too. Keep your hair simple and sleek and your makeup natural and modern.

Important things to remember when it comes to shopping for the next generation of jumpsuits are to avoid loud prints and bright colors. The style of the jumpsuit is enough to draw attention so you don’t want to go overboard. Be sure to choose from styles that scream chic, classy, and retro-cool. Stay away from any jumpsuit that too closely resembles a flight suit or even worse, a catsuit. Additionally, the jumpsuit usually isn’t appropriate for the workplace, unless the atmosphere or company you work for is related to the fashion industry. While a jumpsuit can make you the envy of fellow fashionistas at a fashion magazine or boutique store, it can make you the oddball in an office environment.