Job Interviews & Your Hair: Make The Two Work Together

Preparing for a job interview can be a nerve wrecking process, especially since the competition is stiff in these hard economic times. When it comes to women and job interviews, much of the advice available for preparation centers around what to wear, makeup tips and how to put together the best resume. But what about the hair? While it may seem superficial, there is no doubt that a woman’s appearance from head to toe does not go unnoticed by the interviewer. If you want to make the best first impression, then your hairstyle should also be a part of your job interview prep process.

One of the best tips to follow prior to heading to your job interview is to choose a hairstyle that is appropriate for the job you are applying for. For example, the majority of office jobs call for a clean and simple style. Instead of layers and layers of fabulous beach curls, opt for a more reserved, yet attractive hairstyle. A sleek and sexy French roll or chignon are examples of two hairstyles that work well for office interviews. They scream class and sophistication – not to mention putting together these styles takes a few minutes so you won’t have to worry about devoting your time getting ready for the interview on trying to get your hair together.

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On that note, it is also wise to choose a style that doesn’t take forever to put together. You’ll already be stressed out and nervous as it is so don’t let yourself get too involved with fussing over your hair. If you decide to wear your tresses down, avoid coming across as a Glamazon. Sometimes sporting a glamorous hairstyle can paint you unfairly as being high maintenance. Remember, you are going to a job interview and presenting yourself as a potential employee – not a supermodel showing up to a photoshoot. Women with medium to long hair can make preparing for their interview simple by putting their hair into a clean, low ponytail. A side part and long side-swept bangs are another great styles that are easy to do and instantly creates a classy look.

However, not all job interviews are for positions in a corporate company. For those preparing for an interview for a position in retail, fashion or another industry that is not as conservative as working for a corporate company, your hairstyle choice can be a bit more outside of the box – but not too much. It is a good idea to portray the look that the company represents. While long, shiny beach waves may be overkill for a secretarial job, it is ideal for working in a trendy retail store that caters to young adults. Or if you’re working at an art store, chances are you’ll be able to sport a funkier style or cut to show your eccentricity. Regardless of the position, you’re trying to get, use your hair to add to your overall appearance as the model of the type of employee the company will want to bring on.

As exaggerated as it might be, there are some interviewers that will judge a person by their appearance instead of their skills. Because of this, the hairstyle you choose should be one that is flattering and attractive without taking away from you as a person. Make sure that your hairstyle is not distracting to the point where the interviewer is more focused on your coif than reviewing your resume.