Is Your Hair Color Linked To Your Sex Appeal?

So we hear it all the time, “Blondes have more fun. Red-heads are sexy. Brunettes are intellectual. Black hair is brooding.” Just about anyone can complete the phrases about hair color and their “effect” on the human race. But is it true?

We’re a subjective culture. Clichés, advertising, and trends often determine what we think more than our own opinions and preferences – reel against it if you must, but you know it’s true. Take a look at Victoria’s Secret catalog or the cover of any popular fashion magazine from the 70’s and you’ll see that feathered, blonde hair was sexy. Now look at those same magazines or the Big Screen and your opinion has changed; brunette is the new blonde. The color of sexy is often determined by who’s wearing it – models, actresses, singers, anyone in the spotlight or on the red carpet become today’s hottest trend.

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And who are we really talking about when we talk changing hair color? Women. So, it’s largely the guys who decide what the sexiest colors are. Ask your guy who he thinks is hot stuff in Hollywood, and then ask what his favorite hair color is. I’ll bet they match. Trends, television, fashion mags. What it all comes down to is sex appeal is about confidence. How many times have you been surprised to notice that a woman you thought had real appeal is really not that beautiful up close? Sex-appeal is determined by the way you carry yourself, by what you know makes you stand out or stand up. So back to the question at hand, is your hair color linked to your sex appeal?

Ask yourself these questions to find out:

  • What is the first thing people notice about you?
  • If you’ve ever colored your hair, what color made you feel most confident? Why?
  • Is your hair color part of your appearance, like a new pair of great fitting jeans?
  • No matter what color your hair is, do you have a good time and put yourself out there for the world to see?
  • If you answered, “My hair” to the first question then your sex appeal is linked largely to your hair. That’s okay, but take a good look at yourself every now and then and see qualities that aren’t fleeting – like are you kind, trustworthy, a good listener.

If you can identify with the next two questions, your sex appeal is affected by your hair color, but you’re balanced. If you’re all about the last question, “You go, girl!” You’ve found that sex appeal is about you and what makes  You.

No matter where you fit, a good stylist is like platinum and diamonds and there’s nothing a few highlights can’t cure or at least make you forget about long enough to shop!