Is It Better To Alternate Fragrances? Variation Vs. The “Trademark” Scent

Do you find a signature scent and buy it in bulk or stock the bathroom shelves with an aroma for every occasion? It’s a debate that will continue as long as Gaultier and JLo continue to come up with new colognes for us to get doused with at the mall. So how do you decide? Here is a look at the pros and cons of each school of fragrant though.

Pros For Alternating Scents

One of the top reasons for alternating your choice of perfume or cologne is simply your mood. When you wake up on a bright, clear day and you’re feeling great, you want to express it and feel it and be reminded of how great the day is going to be. So, you choose the fragrance that matches your mood. This certainly is not the same fragrance you chose the day your car was towed.

Another reason for opting for more than one great scent is the changing seasons. You won’t find too many pine scented colognes wafting around in July. But, come Christmas you just might be inclined to shimmy up close to the guy on the metro who makes you think of home-for-the-holidays. Spring and summer bring out the best in light, citrus scents while fall and winter are made for heavier, spicy fragrances. The same goes for the day and night choices. Early mornings are not best suited for a rich blast of thick perfume, while a faint scent gets lost in an evening out.

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This leads to the next point in favor of having a few choices when dabbing on the perfume, a formal business meeting with the executive officers isn’t really the right time to be drenched in a scent that fills the room. But, when you dancing shoulder to shoulder in a sweaty club a bit more cologne isn’t always a bad choice.

Cons For Alternating Scents

The biggest drawback to wearing more than one scent is how it mixes with your clothes and in your home. Because fragrance lingers – even after clothes have been washed – it won’t take long to have a mishmash of smells all around you. Not only does this not smell good, you won’t have the distinguishing aroma of your individual scents even when you want them.

Pros For Finding A Signature Scent

Ever have an old crush hug you after a long absence and sigh, “I forgot how good you smell.” Enough said? Depending on the scent you choose, (Is it a trendy one that everyone’s wearing?) you may just be a smell in the crowd. If you’re going for a signature scent, do some research. Go to high-end shops and sample their perfumes and colognes. After all, this is something you’ll wear every day and people will identify you by this scent. Consider… if you spray your signature scent on his pillow, he’ll think of only you. If you’re an alternating girl, that perfume could be anyone. Find a fragrance that matches your body chemistry and soon you’ll have made it your own. (Put a few coffee beans in your pocket when you’re perfume shopping so you can smell them between each sample to clear your nasal palette.)

Cons For Finding A Signature Scent

Go back to Pros For Alternating Scents and know that none of those pleasures will be yours if you become a signature scent person.