Winter Weather And Injuries: What Will You Do?

Winter Weather And Injuries: What Will You Do?

Winter is a time of cold and ice, and is very unpleasant to many people; with the exception of the occasional white wonderland that children love to play in. Snow and ice can both be incredibly dangerous though, whether you are at work, play, or in the car. You must be incredibly careful in winter weather if you do not wish to become injured. Yet, injuries still occur day after day in the cold and icy season. What will you do if you become injured during the winter?

Ice and the Work Place

With ice all over the place, you could easily become injured at work. If you do, First 4 Lawyers is always there to help you with your accident at work claims. Employers and businesses are responsible for keeping their buildings and other establishments safe for not only customers but employees as well. Outdoor areas can become iced over, resulting in slips and falls. This is especially dangerous if a staircase becomes icy or snowed over. You should notify upper management in case of unkempt walkways so that they can clear them or salt them during the winter months.

Schools and Icy Sidewalks

With schools generally being funded by government agencies, it is clear that they should be kept as safe as possible for the children. You should ensure that your children are outfitted in warm winter wear, along with insulated boots with excellent traction on ice. You never know when your child might slip and fall, but you can take extra precautions to avoid it. Schools are to keep their sidewalks clear, so this does not become an issue.

However, if they fail to do so, it then becomes your decision as to whether or not to contact personal injury lawyers to obtain their opinions should your child ultimately become injured. Falling onto such a hard surface (like concrete or pavement) can cause very severe injuries, which may require extensive medical attention that you should not have to pay for.

Roadways and Freezing Precipitation

Just as with any other weather hazard, roads should definitely be avoided during winter weather. Some vehicles are equipped with tires that are made for this weather, so they can be much safer than the average vehicle. If a driver hits you during this weather because of a bad decision on their part.

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Ice and snow significantly alter the vehicle’s ability to grip the road, increasing the chances of loss of control. By attempt to break your vehicle on sheets of ice, you can ultimately lose all control of the vehicle’s direction and path on the road. When this happens, it can slide into a lane of oncoming traffic that is unable to stop. Icy weather can be fatal, especially when it comes to those who are traveling. Instead, plan your trips for another day when the roads are safer. When traveling becomes dangerous, any errand can wait until later.

Winter Is coming! And So Are Pineapples!

Winter Is coming! And So Are Pineapples!

Winter is not the greatest season for keeping a fruit diet, but it doesn’t mean that you should completely give up on the idea of staying healthy, slim and in shape with just a little adding to your everyday meals:


One of the most appreciated fruits and natural medicines out there, pineapple is a rich source of vitamins and healthy nutrients that can keep your health in balance during the cold season, when the organism benefits less from fresh products and is vulnerable to colds and illness. Let’s see some of the greatest health benefits of this miraculous fruit and some reasons why it should become a daily delicious snack.

1.It has healing effects

Pineapple strengthens the immune system, so in winter, having pineapple a day (without giving up on apples) helps the organism recover faster from colds but also edema, pulmonary problems or muscle discomfort, as it has an anti-inflammatory benefit to it.

2.It has a detoxifying effect

Pineapple’s role in losing weight diets is already established, but its detox properties go beyond a diet. It helps you to eliminate salts and excess water from the organism and a 10 days cure with eating an entire fresh pineapple split into three portions a day helps the organism to restore its balance and get rid of fats, toxins, and bad substances. You can try this after the holidays for instance. If you keep a diet in winter, it is recommended not only to use TRIMSPA original formula, as it cuts off hunger and compensated for physical activity but eat regularly fresh pineapple every chance you get, as it boosts up your entire system, making you feel energetic and well fed. Eating pineapple on a daily basis or drinking pineapple juice represents an established method of eliminating cellulite and system toxins, while its rich contribution of vitamin C will keep you safe from getting colds in winter, also improving your nervous system functionality, which is quite low during the dark cold season.

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3.Makes a perfect dessert

It doesn’t matter what type of diet you keep or even better, if you don’t follow any type of schedule on eating, try making deserts more out of fresh pineapple, although the canned one is alright too. It contains little calories, there’s no need to mention its powerful and savory flavor and taste, but it is worth mentioning that it is very friendly and supportive with your gastric system, helping it to function better.

4.Keeps us younger

Well maybe it is not the magical forever-youth bringing potion, but it is nonetheless a miracle fruit when it comes to strengthening our bones and cartilage, muscles and even skin cells if we apply the juice or some fruit slices on our face. The substances in the pineapple help our organism to metabolize better iron and amino-acids and to restore the collagen balance in our skin cells. So it is both a medicine and a cosmetic product with multiple benefits.

Of course, we should have pineapple become a constant part of our life not only in winter but in all seasons. Together with other fruits and vegetables, it is an important element of natural prevention and healing and its long-term benefits are yet to be tried and explored better.