Diet To Go Review 2018

diet to go

Some people have a hard time either picking or preparing healthy foods. To help this, several frozen food delivery services have popped up over the years. Some of them make really good low fat diets like a Garcinia Cambogia Extra avis, while others are just inspired by the most popular diet craze at the time.


The Diet to Go Corporation was founded in 1991, and it is one of the very first diet frozen food delivery services in America. Dr. Gabe Mirkin was in charge when the diet plan was made, and he ensured it met low-fat standards.

All of the meats are USDA inspected, and the diets meet several different guidelines to ensure they are good for the heart. They also have diet plans for diabetes sufferers.

Sample Diet Plan

The diet plan varies with each meal and depending on what plan you go with (low-fat, vegetarian or low-carb). Here are some of the foods for the low-fat diet.


Plan A: Two pieces of French toast topped with mango cranberry syrup and orange juice

Plan B: Tasty combination of fresh seasonal fruit, crunchy granola, Greek yogurt and low-fat corn muffin

Plan C: Scrambled eggs topped with fresh salsa, low-fat grilled turkey sausage and whole wheat tortilla


Plan A: Grilled turkey ham and cheese sandwich with mushroom and artichoke salad and apricot pudding

Plan B: Roasted tomato and basil soup with corn and spinach salad and a yogurt drink

Plan C: Stuffed potatoes covered with melted cheese, nutty wheatberry salad and a yogurt smoothie


Plan A: Barbecue chicken breast, covered with savory barbecue sauce on baked beans with Anise patatoes and green beans

Plan B: Flavorful Middle Eastern-spiced baked salmon on a bed of whole wheat couscous with sauteed Mediterranean veggies

Plan C: Shrimp fettucini with steamed broccoli florets and a honey wheat roll

Information!  Each diet plan is different, and each day will be different, too. That is one of the better things about this diet plan!

The variety keeps you from getting bored, and the foods are so interesting and tasty that you will want to continue the plan. Also, not having to really cook helps, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

The plans also fit your calorie intake. You can choose between 1,200 calories worth of food a day or 1,600 calories. You can also choose how many days you want the food delivered, so you don’t have to pay for an entire week’s worth of food if you don’t need it.

Exercise Recommendations

Diet to Go doesn’t really have many exercise recommendations, but they have several blog posts about getting about 30 minutes of exercise a day. The exercises emphasize the quality of the workout and not how long you do it. This helps you keep up the proper form during the workout, and it easily works with Diet to Go’s busy audience.

The 30-minute workouts often suggest multi-joint exercises, like deadlifts and squats. Each routine is made to workout every muscle so you save time and get a great body simultaneously.

Aside from this specific routine, the company really emphasizes just moving around and burning calories. When coupled with the eating program, you should be able to quickly lose weight.

Costs and Expenses

The cost and expenses depend upon how many meals you are getting, what plan you choose and the shipping costs. On average, each meal costs about $7-$8, with low-fat and vegetarian being cheaper than the low-carb plan.

If you get breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for the entire week, then you can expect to pay around $140 to $150 per week. You can also get just lunch and dinner, but the costs are only slightly less. Per week you can expect to spend around $120 to $130, so it really isn’t worth skipping the breakfast meals.

Diet to Go Coupons

Save 25% on any meal plan $75 or more – Coupon Code: NEWYEAR25$30 Off Order of $100 or More – Coupon Code: NEWME30Attention!  Currently Diet-to-Go has a special offer of a free Dinner for a first time online order!


  • Don’t have to cook any food, outside of heating up the frozen meals.
  • Don’t have to go through the trouble of checking calories and trying to properly balance a low number of calories into your daily life.
  • Don’t need to worry about eating bad foods, since each diet plan is made under certain guidelines to keep your heart healthy and fit.
  • If you are a busy person, you no longer have to subsist on fast food or any other quick but unhealthy foods to get you through the day.


  • The meal plans are fairly expense. The weekly cost is enough to feed a common family if you buy the foods from the supermarket.
  • The lack of any real exercise program seems a little peculiar. While there are recommendations here and there, there aren’t many guidelines to follow.
  • While some vegetables are supplied with the meal plans, some meals ask you to supply your own produce.


Overall, Diet to Go seems like a good plan. The biggest downside is the expense, since you can easily buy all the same foods at a much cheaper price. However, if you need food fast and can’t prepare it, then this service is just what you need.