Job Interviews & Your Hair: Make The Two Work Together

Job Interviews & Your Hair: Make The Two Work Together

Preparing for a job interview can be a nerve wrecking process, especially since the competition is stiff in these hard economic times. When it comes to women and job interviews, much of the advice available for preparation centers around what to wear, makeup tips and how to put together the best resume. But what about the hair? While it may seem superficial, there is no doubt that a woman’s appearance from head to toe does not go unnoticed by the interviewer. If you want to make the best first impression, then your hairstyle should also be a part of your job interview prep process.

One of the best tips to follow prior to heading to your job interview is to choose a hairstyle that is appropriate for the job you are applying for. For example, the majority of office jobs call for a clean and simple style. Instead of layers and layers of fabulous beach curls, opt for a more reserved, yet attractive hairstyle. A sleek and sexy French roll or chignon are examples of two hairstyles that work well for office interviews. They scream class and sophistication – not to mention putting together these styles takes a few minutes so you won’t have to worry about devoting your time getting ready for the interview on trying to get your hair together.

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On that note, it is also wise to choose a style that doesn’t take forever to put together. You’ll already be stressed out and nervous as it is so don’t let yourself get too involved with fussing over your hair. If you decide to wear your tresses down, avoid coming across as a Glamazon. Sometimes sporting a glamorous hairstyle can paint you unfairly as being high maintenance. Remember, you are going to a job interview and presenting yourself as a potential employee – not a supermodel showing up to a photoshoot. Women with medium to long hair can make preparing for their interview simple by putting their hair into a clean, low ponytail. A side part and long side-swept bangs are another great styles that are easy to do and instantly creates a classy look.

However, not all job interviews are for positions in a corporate company. For those preparing for an interview for a position in retail, fashion or another industry that is not as conservative as working for a corporate company, your hairstyle choice can be a bit more outside of the box – but not too much. It is a good idea to portray the look that the company represents. While long, shiny beach waves may be overkill for a secretarial job, it is ideal for working in a trendy retail store that caters to young adults. Or if you’re working at an art store, chances are you’ll be able to sport a funkier style or cut to show your eccentricity. Regardless of the position, you’re trying to get, use your hair to add to your overall appearance as the model of the type of employee the company will want to bring on.

As exaggerated as it might be, there are some interviewers that will judge a person by their appearance instead of their skills. Because of this, the hairstyle you choose should be one that is flattering and attractive without taking away from you as a person. Make sure that your hairstyle is not distracting to the point where the interviewer is more focused on your coif than reviewing your resume.

How To Wear Fur For The Holidays

How To Wear Fur For The Holidays

This holiday, there is one fashion accessory that will be turning heads and creating envy among even the most fashion elite in your circle – fur. Fake or real depends on you – faux will leave you with cash left for Christmas presents… and food, and many more color and style options. Real is, well, it’s real. The choice of which to wear is made by your conscious and your wallet; the choice of how you wear it is a matter of fashion. Here are the most stylish and sexy ways to do a soft, warm wrap, scarf, ring and more.

Start with the traditional over-the-shoulder shawl. These drape like a poncho, fitted around the shoulders, open down the front. They lay like a coat that has been laid over your shoulders without putting your arms through the sleeves. This creates a very glamorous evening wrap that is intriguing and feminine. These shawls are cut in various lengths from just below the ribs down to the waist. Try on a long haired pink shawl paired with a floppy felt hat and knee-length boots.

Long pelts that drape around your neck and hang down below the waistline are one of the hottest styles this year. They are little more than a fur scarf until you belt them with two wide leather belts and pair them with thigh-high boots and skinny jeans. Think chinchilla.

Of course, the fur coat is not to be forgotten or overlooked. It is, however, taking on a new look for the season. Jet black alpaca in a thick, full, long-sleeve, waist-length coat worn with beaded boots is the trendiest coat on the scene as temperatures continue to fall.

A vest is a less dramatic, but equally sexy way to wear your furs. Vests are best worn over turtlenecks with clothes that are fitted with clean lines and coordinating colors. Let your fur do the talking in a bright color. Belted or tied with an extra wide, ornate ribbon or sash, vests are back on the fashion plates.

Fur is not limited to articles of clothing. It’s also a chic way to accessorize. From head to toe, it’s adorning hats, jewelry, and footwear.

Hats are reminiscent of the traditional Russian headwear in both large winter hats and trooper hats that have tie-up flaps. The large winter hats are bold and fun. The trooper hats, with flaps up or down, are eccentric and hip.
Fur boots are always-in-style when the winter months set in. This season there are two predominant designs, a knee-length lace-up boot with fur lining that escapes dramatically through the tongue all the way up your leg, and the alpaca mid-calf boot so easily identified at ski resorts the world over.

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Perhaps the most fun is the furring. This little beauty is an amusing addition to the fur family. It is a tuft of fur attached to a wide ring band. These are showing up with evening wear, ski wear, and jeans. Fur rings are versatile and add a punch to almost any ensemble.

How To Take Care Of Your Styling Tools

How To Take Care Of Your Styling Tools

Not everything lasts forever. Even the styling tools you use each day can suffer from daily wear and tear. The best way to make the most out of the styling tools you use is to take proper care of them. Neglecting your tools will only cause them to deteriorate faster, which means replacing them. Save yourself time and money by learning how to make your styling tools last.

Curling Irons

Curling irons are perfect for giving you the volume and body you desire. However, this popular styling tool isn’t invincible. If you’ve found yourself going through 2-3 curling irons a year, chances are its human error and neglect that is wearing down your curling iron sooner than expected.

Many women use hair sprays, gel, and other substances on their hair to help protect it from the heat while curling it. This is fine but when those substances come into contact with your curling iron, the combination of heat and spray/gel can damage it, resulting in burnt, crusty residue on the curling iron itself. If enough accumulates on your curling iron, this can affect the way it curls your hair. To avoid this, wipe down your curling iron with a dry or slightly damp towel or cloth after each use.

If you find that your curling iron’s grip isn’t as tight as it used to be, check the screws on the side of the iron. Using applied pressure over time can cause the screws to become loose, causing the lack of grip on the hair. Try using a small screwdriver to tighten the screws and see if that helps instead before tossing it for another one.

Blow Dryers

It is important to clean blow dryers often. Just as you would check the lint screen on your dryer when doing laundry, you should also check your blow dryer for an accumulation of lint, hair and other debris. If too much debris gathers on your blow dryer, you could be setting yourself up for a fire hazard. Check the status of your blow dryer a few times a week or month, depending on how often you use it. The more frequently you blow-dry your hair, the faster lint and hair will gather. You can remove the debris from your blow dryer using your fingertips or a small tool like tweezers. Make sure the blow dryer is off when you’re cleaning it. If you use attachments on your blow dryer, be sure to clean those as well and replace attachments that are cracked or broken to avoid injury.

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Flat Irons

Taking care of your flat iron is the same as caring for a curling iron. Since many flat irons have different types of attachment plates, make it a habit of removing them from the iron after it has cooled off and clean them thoroughly. Remove any hairs that have been snagged and don’t allow stray hairs to burn onto the attachment. Read your manual for the suggested cleaning methods and always make sure the flat iron has been unplugged and is completely cooled off before attempting to clean it.

Instead of using water and soap to clean your styling tools, which can cause a fire hazard, use a damp or dry cloth or towel and avoid using cleaning substances that contain harsh chemicals, as this can cause more harm than good.